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Hope you read, or listen, and enjoy it!

Whether you've read the first three chapters online or not, you can read it all by buying it! It comes in print, Kindle, and event audiobook formats!

Click here for a Kindle ebook.

Click here for an audiobook via Audible. Amazon also has it's own gateway for downloading the audio version here .

The audio version can also be purchased on iTunes .

Click here for a print version.

Note that the book should be available in every region that Amazon serves, so if for whatever reason you want to buy the book on or .ca or any of their other domains, you can! Just go to your preferred Amazon region, and then copy and paste Dave Gutteridge Your Mind is a Funny Thing into their search bar, and it should come right up.

At the moment, the book is only available via Amazon (and the audio through Amazon associated services Audible and iTunes), because Amazon gave me some perks if I went with them exclusively for the first 90 days. If you're in some situation where you can't access any of the options provided by Amazon, then definitely let me know ! I want you to be able to get my book, so I will work to make it available on all formats so anyone can get to it. I just ask that you please be patient, and understanding that this whole publishing game is bigger than me and some decisions or timing issues are beyond my control.

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Falling Off The Edge

What I wish every open mike comedian knew before getting on stage. Especially the ones who aspire to be 'edgy'.

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Respecting the Stage

This should be really obvious, but for some reason it isn't. For some reason, lots of performers go on stage asking for the audience's time without respecting its value.

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But I Got Laughs

The dividing laugh between a real comedian and just someone on stage being sometimes funny is determined by going beyond mere randomness.

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A Material Difference

How having more time on stage won't make you a better comedian.

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Galapagos Comedy

What exactly is 'Japanese comedy'?

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Tears of an Orkan

A great comedian, and a common comedy myth.

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