Hidden Dawn

Story Synopsis

Set in the 1930s of an alternate history where Vancouver is Japanese territory, the story follows Imperial Investigaror Kitazawa Saburou as his investigation of a terrorist attack leads him to a wider conspiracy with implications for a world war.

The alternate history

The history of this world breaks from our own around the year 1600. In the real world, that was when Japan took on an isolationist policy, closing its borders for roughly 250 years.

In the world of this story, there was no isolationist period. Instead, Japan went the opposite direction, aspiring to become equal with European colonial powers. It was not an easy route, but but the mid 1700s, Japan was a world power on equal footing as the British Empore. They colonized North America at the same time as the Europeans, taking land from native people as the Europeans did, but starting from the north west of the continent.

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Target Market

This book will be of appeal to people who like alternate histories, spy thrillers, film noire, police prodedurals, mysteries, multiple intersecting characters, Japanese culture, and of course anyone who loves a great story!

Note that this book is initially focused at an English speaking audience, but a Japanese language version is also being considered. Crowdfunding campaings for English and Japanese versions will be handled separately, with English on Kickstarter, and Japanese on Campfire.

Project status

The script is complete, though of course minor tweaks and edits never stop. The script is roughly 200 pages, and it is assumed the final comic book will be 200 to 250 pages, depending how much volume the non-dialogue action sequences add to the visual narrative.

Currently seeking pencillers, inkers, colourists, and letterers who will be committed to help complete the project.

Looking for artists!

If you would like to be involved in helping make this project happen, please contact me ASAP!

Japanese artists are preferred in order to collaborate in person, and also because of the Japanese component to the story, it would be ideal to bring on board collaborators with a Japanese viewpoint. However, ultimately artists from anywhere will be considered, because the highest priority is to get the right look and feel.

The hope is to create an art style that reflects a mix of Japanese art style from the start of the twentieth century, with elements of noir, art deco, and Bauhaus.

Please see the following images for art style influences and references.

Going Forward

The next step is to make example pages, rendering scenes from the script as complete comic book pages. In additionn, there will be other supporting work, such as character turnarounds, maps, promotional material, and other design work that will help to convey the look and feel of the comic so that supporters will have a sense of what they are buying into.

As examples and promotional material is developed, it will be distributed and marketed in such a way as to hopefully generate interest. People will be able to sign up to a mailing list and follow social media to be kept informed of developments. When conditions are right, a Kickstarter or similar crowd funding campaign will be launched.

It is also possible that alternate paths to completion will be considered, such as working with a publisher, or other possibilities. Everything is always negotiable, and the route with the highest chance of success for everyone involved will be the one taken.

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