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Your Mind is a Funny Thing

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I'm going to put the first three chapters online, free to read. Each chapter is divided into a few sections, so I'll be releasing a section per week or so.

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Table of contents

About the book

I had an idea back around 2006 or so about how a sense of humour works. Who knows where ideas come from, it just kind of hit me from somewhere in the nexus of my drive to try and figure out how to make an audience laugh and my personal fascination with neuroscience. I felt I was onto something, and research led to confidence that maybe there was some merit in it, and eventually the ideas coalesced into a book. I think I've made a good case for what is a workable hypothesis about how humour works, and if you're interested in the topic, I hope you'll take a look. And let me know what you think.

Also, I don't know where else to put this link, but, a little while ago someone on Reddit asked, "ELI5: What makes our brains go "that was funny, now let's laugh"?" I posted an answer, and it generated a bunch of discussion, with people asking about my ideas on how humour works. I was pleasantly surprised, and a little relieved, that people were willing to take me seriously and consider my point of view on the matter. Anyway, it's a bunch of discussion on the topic that the book deals with, maybe check it out if you're into it.

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Lessons from Louis

What Louis CK does that aspiring comedians should emulate.

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But I Got Laughs

The dividing laugh between a real comedian and just someone on stage being sometimes funny is determined by going beyond mere randomness.

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Standup Game of Thrones and Rape Culture

Another reason why so many jokes about rape fail.

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Like A Virgin

Madonna, and how some laughter can stop you becoming funny.

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A Material Difference

How having more time on stage won't make you a better comedian.

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Respecting the Stage

This should be really obvious, but for some reason it isn't. For some reason, lots of performers go on stage asking for the audience's time without respecting its value.

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A Material Difference

How having more time on stage won't make you a better comedian.

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