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Hi, and welcome to my website. This site is a collection of things I make and write, where the idea is to try and be unfiltered and not self-edit and just get whatever is in my head out into the world. The theory is that if I just keep creating, writing, and making stuff, then some small percentage of it might end up being decent. There's no particular all encompassing theme, so there's fiction , personal stuff , comedy , drawings ... whatever.

About me, Dave Gutteridge

More than anything else, I like to tell stories, whether it's in the form of standup comedy, writing, comics, video, or whatever media tells it best. Hopefully one day I'll actually finish the massive pile of incomplete works of narrative greatness before I die.

I'm originally from Vancouver, but I currently live in Tokyo, where I've lived the majority of my life.

Image: blog_-_i_watch_people_die

I watch people die

Does watching another human die make you a bad person?

Image: blog_-_how_not_to_learn_japanese

How Not To Learn Japanese

Efficacy is the enemy.

Image: blog_-_too_soon

Too Soon

No, your shitty joke wasn't too soon. It just wasn't funny.

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I mainly use this to post pictures of random things I come across that amuse me. Maybe if I made a thing and I want you to see it. Anyway, I try to avoid "look how awesome my life is" pictures.

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I use this mainly to post links to things like when I've updated my blog, or maybe mentions of me in other places, and that sort of thing.