About Dave Gutteridge

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Hi, I'm Dave, and I'm a storyteller.

I'm a standup comedian, writer, and artist who can build a world in any medium. On stage I make people laugh, in my fiction I create fascinating futures, and in my blog I explore thought provoking views.

My love for storytelling started at a young age when I performed improv comedy with the Vancouver Theatresports League. I went on to study animation at Vancouver Film School after attending the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Shortly after graduating, I went to Japan to work in television, creating graphics for prime time TV shows, and special effects for movies, as well as some on-screen work and narration.

Currently I'm working on my second novel, and my first hour long standup special, while continuing to draw and improve my digital art skills.


I live in Tokyo, and when I'm not crafting a new story or performing on stage, I'm probably exercising. Or I'm listening to podcasts about history, science, philosophy, or any other topic that feeds my addiction to learning.

For a while I worked in IT, and I still code a little now and again. Sometimes I teach workshops on creativity, teamwork, comedy, or improvisation to companies and people in general. I passed the top level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and I do some translation work now and again.