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The Divine Right of Black Panther

The movie was cool and all, but fuck monarchies

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So you want in on cryptocurrencies?

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Not doing it won't make you one with the universe.

Image: blog_-_making_women_have_sex

Making Women Have Sex

The male myth that sex was their achievement.

Image: blog_-_trump

How I Could Vote For Trump

I kind of hate the left these days.

Image: blog_-_discovery_michael

Discovery and Race and Tropes

Star Trek is still addicted to progressive racism.

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All you need to know about Bitcoin without any new words to confuse you.

Image: blog_-_wonder_woman

Wonder Woman

I like feminism when it's sexy.

Image: blog_high_heels

High Heels

Do I fetishize high heels as much as I feel I do?

Image: blog_i_hate_this_feeling

I Hate This Feeling

I turn into a misogynist every time a hot chick walks into the room.

Image: blog_she_cries_beautifully

She Cries Beautifully

What I'm thinking when I stop talking in the middle of a fight.

Image: blog_sansa_and_ramsay

Standup Game of Thrones and Rape Culture

Another reason why so many jokes about rape fail.

Image: blog_following_the_angels

Following the angels

My very specific and personal reasons for moving to Tokyo.

Image: blog_halfway_dead

Halfway dead

I think I fucked up my life.

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