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  • The Divine Right of Black Panther

    The Divine Right of Black Panther

    The movie was cool and all, but fuck monarchies

  • Cryptocurrencies


    So you want in on cryptocurrencies?

  • Masturbation


    Not doing it won't make you one with the universe.

  • Making Women Have Sex

    Making Women Have Sex

    The male myth that sex was their achievement.

  • How I Could Vote For Trump

    How I Could Vote For Trump

    I kind of hate the left these days.

  • Discovery and Race and Tropes

    Discovery and Race and Tropes

    Star Trek is still addicted to progressive racism.

  • Bitcoin


    All you need to know about Bitcoin without any new words to confuse you.

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

    I like feminism when it's sexy.

  • High Heels

    High Heels

    Do I fetishize high heels as much as I feel I do?

  • I Hate This Feeling

    I Hate This Feeling

    I turn into a misogynist every time a hot chick walks into the room.

  • She Cries Beautifully

    She Cries Beautifully

    What I'm thinking when I stop talking in the middle of a fight.

  • Standup Game of Thrones and Rape Culture

    Standup Game of Thrones and Rape Culture

    Another reason why so many jokes about rape fail.

  • Following the angels

    Following the angels

    My very specific and personal reasons for moving to Tokyo.

  • Halfway dead

    Halfway dead

    I think I fucked up my life.

  • The dating puddle

    The dating puddle

    Things I've learned about dating twenty years too late.

  • Spark


    A story about artificial intelligence, love, and authenticity.

  • Mari


    My hack zombie apocalypse novel. Fuck it, it was fun to write. I hope you have fun reading it.

  • I eat my loneliness

    I eat my loneliness

    What's a blog for if not to be embarrassingly revealing?

  • Who his daughter dates

    Who his daughter dates

    Based on a real and random conversation with a guy about his daughter and age and dating and stuff.

  • The Charisma Man Reality

    The Charisma Man Reality

    A little comic strip companion to the previous posting. The reality of guys who come to Japan expecting to capitalize on the gaijin fetish.

  • The Charisma Man Myth

    The Charisma Man Myth

    The reality, racism, and human failings that are built into the notion that Japanese women go for gaijin guys.

  • Transmission to an ex

    Transmission to an ex

    Stuff I'd say to an ex girlfriend if I were going to say them. You'd probably only want to read this if you like reading random things out of other people's diaries. Which I do, but it's not for everyone.

  • Running from my problems

    Running from my problems

    I don't work out for my ego, I do it for my id.

  • Assumed Orgasms

    Assumed Orgasms

    Men faking orgasms and why one night stands aren't for me.

  • How Many Women is Enough

    How Many Women is Enough

    Like everything else, it's more about my fear of dying than my pursuit of sex.

  • Fury Road

    Fury Road

    A satire script I put together just for the fun of it.

  • ymiaft


    My book about how I think humour is processed in the human brain.

  • Yellow Roses

    Yellow Roses

    That time I realized I was being a stalker.

  • Santa and paedophiles

    Santa and paedophiles

    That time I was on stage in front of a couple hundred paedophiles.

  • At the Bank

    At the Bank

    More diary-of-sorts about being Japan as a comic. This one is about negotiations. Or something. I don't know.

  • Your Girl

    Your Girl

    A story about building the perfect relationship.

  • Like A Virgin

    Like A Virgin

    Madonna, and how some laughter can stop you becoming funny.

  • The existential angst of a gang bang

    The existential angst of a gang bang

    I would definitely be having more sex if I thought less.

  • Mizumushi


    A very typical moment when living in Japan, at least for me.

  • They Were Coming

    They Were Coming

    A story about choices in an absence of information. And aliens.

  • Boxes labelled dangerous

    Boxes labelled dangerous

    I'm learning more about how to break up with people, which might be solving the wrong problem.

  • Merge


    Remember the term 'cyberspace'? No one seems to use it anymore. Anyway, this is a story set in cyberspace.

  • Shiro Kuma Kun

    Shiro Kuma Kun

    A day in the life of a polar bear living in Tokyo. A pilot of a web series that didn't get picked up.

  • Sentenced to Live

    Sentenced to Live

    A science fiction story about immortality and prison.

  • Gordon at the Conbini

    Gordon at the Conbini

    One of the comics that I did about life in Japan, this time in Japanese, because there was a time I actually wanted to do things in Japanese.

  • He Awoke From the Dead for the 13th Time

    He Awoke From the Dead for the 13th Time

    Probably the most hippy story I've ever written.

  • Why Self Publish

    Why Self Publish

    I've written a book called 'Your Mind is a Funny Thing', and while I'd like you to check that out, this blog entry is just some offhand notes about the decision to self publish.

  • Narita


    Another comic about life in Japan. This time, an encounter at Narita airport.

  • Not an Atheist

    Not an Atheist

    Does being an atheist mean one has to be a dick about it?

  • A Bar Fight

    A Bar Fight

    Another episode in a comic diary of life in Japan, with a story that comes from comedian Cory Jarvis.

  • Transcript


    A short story about death, immortality, and continuity of being.

  • Wow - You Live in Japan

    Wow - You Live in Japan

    A short two panel comic about the Japan people think I live in.

  • Sexyism


    How to draw hot babes and not be sexist. According to my mom.

  • Consciousness


    A short story. I think stories are best without contextualizing preamble, so, check it out if you feel like reading a thing. Or don't. It's short, I'll tell you that much.

  • Tama Chan

    Tama Chan

    There was a time I considered doing a comic about my experience in Japan. I decided it wasn't worth it, but I did about seven or so, and I'm going to put them online just so the effort isn't wasted. This first comic is probably the most dysfunctional, referencing issues that no longer matter and events no one remembers.

  • Lessons from Louis

    Lessons from Louis

    What Louis CK does that aspiring comedians should emulate.

  • Tears of an Orkan

    Tears of an Orkan

    A great comedian, and a common comedy myth.

  • Galapagos Comedy

    Galapagos Comedy

    What exactly is 'Japanese comedy'?

  • Volunteering in Tohoku

    Volunteering in Tohoku

    A diary of heading up to volunteer in the areas hit by the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

  • Lactose


    What I learned when I asked why Japanese people generally have no trouble consuming milk products.

  • A Material Difference

    A Material Difference

    How having more time on stage won't make you a better comedian.

  • Johnny the Infinitesimal Speck

    Johnny the Infinitesimal Speck

    Adventures in the 2nd dimension!

  • The Feeling You Choose To Feed

    The Feeling You Choose To Feed

    What if you never had to say goodbye, no matter what?

  • The Family In Japan

    The Family In Japan

    A whole new way to abuse children. Deny them the language of their home country.

  • What it feels like to be 40

    What it feels like to be 40

    Is being 40 the same thing now as it was in the past?

  • But I Got Laughs

    But I Got Laughs

    The dividing laugh between a real comedian and just someone on stage being sometimes funny is determined by going beyond mere randomness.

  • Star Wars - Force and State

    Star Wars - Force and State

    The real history of Luke's rise to power over his thousand year Reich.

  • The Science Of Hitting On Women

    The Science Of Hitting On Women

    Sold as a science, bought as groundless hope.

  • Respecting the Stage

    Respecting the Stage

    This should be really obvious, but for some reason it isn't. For some reason, lots of performers go on stage asking for the audience's time without respecting its value.

  • Falling Off The Edge

    Falling Off The Edge

    What I wish every open mike comedian knew before getting on stage. Especially the ones who aspire to be 'edgy'.

  • The Walking Dead - The Metacontextual Edition

    The Walking Dead - The Metacontextual Edition


  • March 11th And After

    March 11th And After

    What it was like in Tokyo after the earthquake in 2011

  • Wikirelationships


    There's a difference between private and secret.

  • Anti-virus Software is a Scam

    Anti-virus Software is a Scam

    Whenever you install new software it asks you to over ride it anyway.

  • Why Facebook Wants To Sell You Out

    Why Facebook Wants To Sell You Out

    This article doesn't match the situation now, but it was true when I wrote it.

  • Plus Marketing

    Plus Marketing

    How to get rich by selling nothing.

  • The Vampires Have Won

    The Vampires Have Won

    A useful metaphor dies, but then refuses to lie still, instead carrying on as a harmful meme.

  • At Night When Death Whispers

    At Night When Death Whispers

    When I realized I was supposed to be afraid of death, living with it became easier.

  • Avatar - The Metacontextual Edition

    Avatar - The Metacontextual Edition

    A satire script about a movie that should have had a script.

  • Adam Smith Wasn't A Capitalist

    Adam Smith Wasn't A Capitalist

    If Adam Smith wrote less about coins, he might be more known for what he thought sucks about capitalism.

  • Mind If I Stink

    Mind If I Stink

    How is smoking even still a thing?

  • Open Letter to the Parents in Starbucks

    Open Letter to the Parents in Starbucks

    Home is the locker room, Starbucks is the field.

  • Evidence of the Invisible

    Evidence of the Invisible

    If it can't be described, is it supernatural, or just something we don't have a word for?

  • Lucid Dreaming

    Lucid Dreaming

    Seems like a cool thing to do, but, actually... meh.

  • Mystical Bigotry

    Mystical Bigotry

    How is it anymore right to categorize people into 12 months than categorize them by half a dozen skin tones?

  • SEO Is A Scam

    SEO Is A Scam

    Selling you the fantasy that somehow your product is popular but your website isn't.

  • Windows Is Free For Business

    Windows Is Free For Business

    Beating the point to death, with a final essay on the myth that business is somehow above software piracy.

  • No Really - Windows Is Free

    No Really - Windows Is Free

    Answering some questions people had about my premise that software piracy is an asset to large software providers.

  • Windows Is Free

    Windows Is Free

    How software piracy keeps Microsoft in business.

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