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Your Mind is a Funny Thing

The first three chapters are available to read for free here online. If the section title is underlined, that means it's available to read now!

Chapter One - Laughter

What's so funny?

Resistance is futile

Potential humour

Schrödinger's Punchline

A joke by any other name

standup would be so much easier if I could just tickle you


Monkeys who can't find the remote

Chapter Two - Funny

Goldilocks and the three jokes

The laugh centre

Making up your mind

Maybe horses are funny

Patterns of behaviour

One word, Plastics

Survival of the Connected


Dam that's funny

The punchline

Chapter Three - Humour

But... why?

Don't Stand So Close To Me

False Positives

Gotta get me some of that

He who laughs last

The more or less you know

I don't get it

Chapter Four - Comedy

Two types of people walk into a place and say a thing

Back up a sec

You can't make me laugh


Comedic Uranium

Would comedy exist in utopia?

Giggling at funerals


Chapter Five - Timing

Are we there yet?



The myth of the long set up

Before it gets old


Say no more

Timeless jokes

Another Term For “Not Funny Anymore”

Chapter Six - The Comedian

No comedian is an island

What if Richard Pryor was from the suburbs?


The outsider

A computer that can be programmed to tell jokes

Holy Ground



Chapter Seven - The Audience

The Stepford Audience


Please, have another drink


Five minutes of grace

Chapter Eight - Funnier

Making you laugh... with science!

Connoisseurs of comedy

How to be funny with your friends

How to learn

Finding your audience

Knowing What Works

It's all in the delivery...?

Comedians Need you More Than you know

Stimulus and response

A page more blank



Image: blog_falling_off_the_edge

Falling Off The Edge

What I wish every open mike comedian knew before getting on stage. Especially the ones who aspire to be 'edgy'.

Image: blog_respecting_the_stage

Respecting the Stage

This should be really obvious, but for some reason it isn't. For some reason, lots of performers go on stage asking for the audience's time without respecting its value.

Image: blog_typing_monkey

But I Got Laughs

The dividing laugh between a real comedian and just someone on stage being sometimes funny is determined by going beyond mere randomness.

Image: blog_stop_watch

A Material Difference

How having more time on stage won't make you a better comedian.

Image: blog_galapagos_comedy

Galapagos Comedy

What exactly is 'Japanese comedy'?

Image: blog_tears_of_an_orkan

Tears of an Orkan

A great comedian, and a common comedy myth.

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