Gordon at the Conbini

Episode five in a comic for just about nobody

So, as mentioned, this is a comic that I did a few strips of, many years ago, before abandoning the idea because it was too much work for too little return. Anyhow, my original intention was to do the comics in Japanese, and that's how this one is written out. If you don't read Japanese, below the comic I explain what's up.

Image: gord-conbini_01

Image: gord-conbini_02

Image: gord-conbini_03

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Image: gord-conbini_05

Image: gord-conbini_06

The deal is that there's a famous dog statue in Shibuya called Hachiko where everyone meets. Gordon is trying to get there and thinks he's nearby, so he is just trying to ask these convenience ("conbini" in Japanese) store clerks where it is. It's so ridiculously famous, that he can't believe they don't know it, and gets so worked up he starts acting out the concept of "dog" to try to get through to them. The catch is that he's in completely the wrong part of town. Things are funny when explained, right?

Anyway, the whole gist of these comics was to be kind of whimsical and, maybe more importantly, based on true stories, and this at least makes the second requirement. Gord is a friend who I used to play ball hockey with, and something about his willingness to do whatever it takes to communicate struck me as really funny. I tend to go the opposite way and get mad at people for not understanding me, no matter how poorly I'm failing at expressing myself.

Colours in this comic were done by Eddie Jensen , who makes a comic called Grappleseed . Please take a look at his work when you get the chance.