Episode four out of about seven comics

This one is probably straight forward enough to not need any context.

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You can tell that I did the pencils for this one a while back because the arline staff has got one of those huge CRT monitors behind the counter.

Like all these comics, this is based on a true story, and I was only half joking when I hoped they could sit me beside someone I might want to flirt with. But really I was motivated to be clever in asking about my seating assignment because I think I'm funny and so I annoy people by imposing my wit in all sorts of scenarios. Anyway, at the time I actually walked away from the counter wondering what information the airlines kept about their passengers. It took me a while to realize the woman was fucking with me.

I've come to realize that I'm slow to recognize when others are being ironic because I always assume I'm the one who is being ironic and messing with people. As if everyone I encounter are all playing at a lower level than me. Did I mention I'm arrogant? I'm pretty arrogant when it comes to how much wittier I think I am than everyone else.

Colours in this comic were done by Eddie Jensen , who makes a comic called Grappleseed . Please take a look at his work when you get the chance.