Episode six in a set of "life in Japan" comics

Just another typical event when living in Japan.

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When you're an English speaker living in Japan, and especially if, like me, you perform comedy and stuff, you'll come across a lot of jokes and anecdotes about how funny it was when one person meant to say X, but they actually said Y, and hilarity ensued. So much so, that humour based on the premise of language differences and misunderstandings feel pretty hack to me.

So, yeah, this strip is a bit hack. Everybody has their own story, if not multiple stories, about how they screwed up the language in a weird way. I almost didn't want to upload this because, as you may be able to tell, I'm really over this kind of thing as a source of comedy. But, I figured I'd just put it out there as just a slice of life moment. It's not super original, but it is the kind of thing I do a lot. If nothing else, it reveals the my weird habit of assuming I'm right no matter how wrong I am.

Colours in this comic were done by Eddie Jensen , who makes a comic called Grappleseed . Please take a look at his work when you get the chance.